Sunday, September 23, 2007


(and Truthseekers in general)

Gil Bavel, reporting for
Nobody in Particular

While Rupbert Murdoch's acquisition of the Wall Street Journal may cause alarm for those that play the markets, UFO enthusiasts have something to lose in the new deal, too--credibility.

Among other things, the Wall Street Journal has long been one of the last bastions of UFO fairness in reporting and resisted being one of the papers bought off by the government media lockdown on UFO information.

Now, with the purchase of said news outlet by NewsCorp, the most notorious of easily bribed companies, which spawned the likes of Faux News, long described as the company to profit the most from distributing the news the Bush administration most sees fit to print (or most worthy of wrapping fish), Wall Street will no longer see fair reporting on the likes of Budd Hopkins or the Phoenix Lights.

Long after Ted Turner, once a bulwark in the UFO field; a maverick who bucked the government blackout of UFO reports and information in his media juggernauts, TNT, CNN and even TCM gave out, sold out, and kept his mouth shut for a monthly wad in his pocket (I'll leave the innuendo up to you), the Wall Street Journal continued to publish insider reports on the FRONT PAGE of their paper. They probably knew that over 77% of Americans believe in UFOs and over 50% (according to Roper polls reported in the Wall Street Journal) believe that we have been visited by aliens more than once. The same Roper poll reported that nearly that many, 45%, believe that one in ten Americans have been abducted by aliens, although they may not have clear memories of them.

Ever since the "Washington Merry-Go-Round" in 1952, New Yorkers, Washingtonians and East Coasters in general have had cause for alarm when it came to light that flying saucers, especially ones due to which our Air Force-scrambled fighters either couldn't keep up with, or, on instructions from higher-ups, were told to shoot down, were buzzing the skies over the restricted airspace corridor over D.C. with impunity, and in some cases even powerfailing entire nuclear missile installations with rolling blackouts that included control codes.

Fortunately for the UFO occupants, and maybe for us as well, no UFO has ever been acknowledged by the Air Force as successfully brought down by such an attempt, although there have been pilots of American aircraft that never returned home from such missions once sent off on such dangerous orders. Surely if "they can get here from there" they have the technology to fend off a little sidewinder missile or two. In fact, there have been several cases of U.S. fighter pilots ending up on the losing side of such cases, their remains sadly never located. Even the planes in these cases were lost without trace.

But, the days of us being informed by the Wall Street Journal of these kinds of incidents is over. For only $60 a share (plus legal fees), the Bancroft family has capitulated to Murdoch's unscrupulous scheme to bring down the last of the East coast independent media, the one and only truth-teller that could not be intimidated by the government, the New World Order, or the people that slipped the mickey into Jimmy Hoffa's drink.

And disclosure, the ever-nearer promise claimed by those like Dr. Steven Greer, Steven Basset and others to be right around the corner?

Well, don't look now, but I think they're being approached by men in black with heavy Australian accents.

Reporting for
Nobody in Particular,
This is Gil Bavel.

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